Friday, January 11, 2013

Must Remember to Write, Even If I Don't Think It's Worth It

Since I haven't post an entry in a bit I thought I would throw something up.

My first Coursera class of the year starts next week and I'm looking forward to it. It should give me a change to reinforce the budding FP skills that the Scala class started me on since the class will be a comparative look at programming languages with the languages in use being ML, Racket and Ruby. Should be an interesting.

I am still loving the new RC helicopter hobby. In an unexpected twist I think I get as much pleasure out of repairing the little sucker when I crash it as I do actually flying it. Definitely not what I was expecting on several levels. I am guessing that this will balance out once my flying skills start to catch up with my repair skills. Although, to be fair, I have only had to make three repairs. On the other hand, I have screwed around and made two sets of training gear, taken a stab at leveling the swashplate by eyeball (I really need a swashplate level to do it properly) and I'm about to try my luck at setting up the blade tracking and blade balancing.
Which reminds me, I should go by HobbyTown and pick up some tracking tape and a blade balance. One of the guys that got me started on this new hobby is convinced I'm going to wind up getting a quad flyer at some point in the sooner-rather-than-later future. I have to admit, those things are *FUN*. Although he says he finds it more difficult to handle the quad, I personally think its a dream to fly. Goofy easy to control compared to my mCPx heli and almost as maneuverable. It also has a much larger battery for longer flight times and is still capable of doing loops (I haven't checked but I think it should be able to do rolls as well).

I may pick one up just because some of the motor skills should be transferable to my heli and it will give me confidence when I get discouraged at my progress on the mCPx that if I can do it on the quad, I can do it on the heli. As a bonus, I would be pretty confident flying it around the house and torturing the animals with it!

OK, I do feel better about posting since it's part of my plan to improve fundamental skills and obviously, I do need it.

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